PIPENET Transient – Force & Pumps – free training webinar

02 – 10 March 2022

We are pleased to invite you to PIPENET Transient – Force & Pumps – free online training webinar.

02 – 10 March 2022

PIPENET Transient module is a powerful tool for rigorous dynamic analysis that pinpoints problem areas and suggests potential solutions. It is ideal for analysing pressure surge, water hammer, steam hammer, modelling control systems and calculating hydraulic transient forces.

At the webinar, we will consider different aspects of calculating hydraulic transient forces in PIPENET Transient. PIPENET Transient is widely used to calculate hydraulic transient forces, generate a force-time history file which would be later used in pipe-stress analysis programs to perform pipe stess analysis.

We will also look at the three pump models in PIPENET Transient, how they differ and when they should be used.

For your convenience, the webinar will be held on a number of days, in various time zones. The session will be recorded to allow all those who have no possibility to join to watch the session at a later time.

We look forward to seeing you online soon!

PIPENET Transient – Forces & Pumps

Webinar agenda:

Hydraulic Transient Forces in PIPENET

Why do hydraulic transient forces arise and why are they important?

What is the difference between simple and complex forces? What are rigid and elastic joints?

What are control volumes and how do we define them in PIPENET?

What components must be control surfaces in simple force?

Are nodes essential for forces? What difference do anchors make?

Interfaces with pipe stress analysis programs.

Pumps in PIPENET

Why do we need three pump models? Simple, inertial and turbo pump models in detail. Examples of the use of different types of pump.

What are Suter curves?

Will the three pump models give the same results if they are based on the same data?

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