PIPENET applications cover a range of disciplines in Oil & Gas, power, fire protection and shipbuilding industries

PIPENET has been in commercial use across the globe for over 40 years, by companies large and small, including many multinationals, in the oil and gas, LNG, power, process, shipbuilding and fire protection industries. A fast growing application is clean technologies such as CCUS and hydrogen.  More and more of the companies that have discovered the quality and cutting-edge expert technology PIPENET offers are standardising the use of PIPENET through their own companies and stipulating PIPENET must be used by subcontractors. Who can blame them?

Oil & Gas

The highest international standards are synonymous with companies in the oil and gas industry. PIPENET is the standard fluid flow analysis tool for many O&G companies, and extensively used in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. A dynamic, efficient and powerful tool for a prestigious and demanding industry.

LNG Industry

The LNG industry is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in the oil and gas sector, with PIPENET being used extensively on the largest LNG projects worldwide. If quality and speed of calculations are an utmost priority, who will choose anything else but PIPENET?

Process Industry

PIPENET is the first and the best choice for the process industry. The three modules of PIPENET have been found extremely useful in meeting engineering challenges of the largest refineries and petrochemical plants across the globe.

Clean Technologies

A rapidly growing sector is clean technologies such as CCUS, solar energy and hydrogen.  PIPENET modules have numerous applications in fields such as pipelines, cooling water systems, fire protection systems, cleaning solar panels and more. PIPENET for CCUS is applicable in industries like cement, petrochemical, power generation and oil & gas.

Fire Protection

When lives and expensive equipment are at stake, the best technology is essential to ensure that the risk is reduced to the lowest possible level. Safety is the ultimate priority. PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler is the industry standard, because it leads the way in the fire protection industry standards.


The shipbuilding industry has found all three modules of PIPENET essential to its multi-faceted work which covers so many trades and industries. Each PIPENET module brings its own specialised quality to any project, valued immensely by this highly skilled industry.

Power Industry

The power industry has the responsibility of keeping the wheels of industry turning. Total reliability is essential of the design tools used by the power industry. PIPENET is the natural choice of the power industry. PIPENET is easy to use, powerful and reliable.

Airport Applications

PIPENET is an incredibly versatile tool. Its applications cover various industries, networks and types of analysis. One of them is aircraft refuelling systems. Many large international airports have already benefitted from having their aircraft refuelling systems optimized by analysis performed in PIPENET.