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Comprehensive PIPENET Training materials are provided with each licence.

PIPENET is intuitive and easy to use – just how the leader in fluid flow analysis should be!

PIPENET Training Webinars

We are pleased to invite you to free PIPENET training webinars. Webinar topics are based on our customers’ feedback and requirements. They provide a good start for new users and a wealth of knowledge for the experienced ones. Please follow our news for the upcoming training webinars.

PIPENET Training Manuals

Included with every PIPENET licence are the three PIPENET Training Manuals

  • PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler Training Manual
  • PIPENET Transient Training Manual
  • PIPENET Standard Training Manual

The PIPENET Training Manuals give step by step instructions on how to use PIPENET for many applications. There are also examples that can be worked through during the learning process.

The Training Manuals are restricted to customers with valid licences.

If you are an existing customer with a valid PIPENET licence, you can open the Training Manuals in the software itself. You will find the PDF version of the Training Manuals, as well as data files with numerous examples for practising inbuilt in PIPENET.

If you would like to become a PIPENET user and start enjoying the use of the Training Manuals, please contact us using the form below or by email.

PIPENET Online Demonstrations

Are you new to PIPENET and would like to see it in action? We are pleased to offer an online demonstration of PIPENET, in an application of interest to you, at a mutually convenient time. The online demonstration is usually one to two hours in duration. It is live so there is an opportunity to ask questions. Please contact us if you would like to watch a live demonstration of PIPENET.

PIPENET Training In Cambridge, UK

We are always very pleased to welcome PIPENET customers to Cambridge for training. Our Training courses are delivered in a purpose built room, and delivered by our trainers, all of whom have expert knowledge of PIPENET.

We would be very happy to hear from you. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding PIPENET training.

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