Simplified Design & Analysis In PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler Module

PIPENET VISION 1.8.0 introduced a simplification to the design/analysis dialog box and tools which makes it much more flexible and easier to use.  It is no longer necessary to input both design and analysis specifications when they are not both required. In previous versions, it was necessary to perform the design phase for every calculation as the results from this phase were used to provide a starting point for the analysis phase calculation.  PIPENET VISION 1.8.0 uses an improved algorithm and no longer requires the design phase results in order to perform the analysis phase.

The user can chose between only the analysis phase, only the design phase, or both phases in Options | Calculation Options.

They can also be quickly switched between on the calculation toolbar in the main view. Select “A” for only the analysis phase, “D” for only the design phase or “B” for both phases.

The sequence of operations will typically proceed as follows:

  1. The user chooses whether to perform only the analysis phase, the design phase or both phases.
  2. The user enters the network and if he/she requires that PIPENET performs a Design phase then pipes may be entered with undefined bores.
  3. When the user has entered the network they will select the design phase and click the pipe sizing button to size the undefined pipes. The calculated pipe sizes are returned to the user, where they are displayed along with other pipe attributes; however, if another pipe sizing operation is performed, the sizes may change if changes are made to the network.
  4. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated as required.
  5. When the user is happy with the network, they select the Analysis button to fix the designed pipe sizes, and then perform a calculation.
  6. The user can revert to the design phase by selecting the Design button. However, the bores of pipes fixed in step 5 do not become unset.

Note that files created in older versions of PIPENET will have both phases activated by default when opened in PIPENET 1.8.0. If the design phase is not required it can be deactivated by simply selecting “A” on the calculation toolbar.

The phase selection is preserved when the PIPENET file is saved so it will be the same next time it is opened.