Component Labels in PIPENET®Vision

Component Labels

A network built in PIPENET consists of various components. Each component and each node in the network must be given a label that uniquely identifies it. PIPENET has certain rules for component labels. Labels may either be tagged or untagged.

Untagged labels

An untagged label is simply a number.

Tagged labels

Tagged labels consist of a ‘tag’ (i.e., a string of up to 8 characters), usually followed by a slash (/) and a number. Tags can be used to make labels more meaningful, and to allow sections of large networks to be more easily identified.

Please note:

  1. Tags must begin with a letter, and may contain only letters or both letters and numbers. Tags not followed by a slash and a number are valid labels but note that each one counts as a new tag.
  2. The number of tags is limited to 100 in one system.
  3. Tags are case insensitive; that is, RING is taken to be the same as Ring and ring.

Labelling Rules: Transient Module

In Transient Module, any number in the range 0 – 9999 can be used as either an untagged label, or as a numeric part of a tagged label. If you use a number bigger than 9999, PIPENET will give out a warning message that the numeric part of the label is out of range.

Labelling Rules: Standard and Spray/Sprinkler Modules

In Standard and Spray/Sprinkler Modules, the rules are the following:

  • If you are using only untagged numeric labels, any number within the range 1 – 32765 can be used.
  • If you are using both tagged and untagged labels in one system, the numeric part of all labels is limited to 999.