Autosave in PIPENET

It is good practice to save your work frequently as you work. This can be done automatically after you have saved it to the location of your choice for the first time.

Autosave is a feature that can be used to automatically save your edits and modifications periodically. Select this option to set the interval, in minutes, at which the network is to be automatically saved. The default is zero, indicating that the Autosave feature is disabled.

Step 1 – Manually save your file in the folder of your choice
Step 2 – Select ‘File’ and then, ‘Autosave’. The AutoSave dialog can be found in File | Autosave…

Please also note that if you wish to save the data for a scenario, you will need to change the file name. Otherwise your data will be overwritten.

Use ‘Autosave’ and enjoy the peace of mind that your data will be saved frequently.